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  Resource Usage Efficiency Calculator (Public  -  Non-Administration)                  
Usage Determination Module Calculation - Product's usage guage to determine whether an asset should be deemed for personal or community usage to ensue maximum resource efficiency.
Personal or Public  Determination
Step 1
      Contamination potential (spread of disease, if communal)
      Can contamination factor be contained with cleaning or other policies?
      Public or Private Potential Score:      
Step 2 If the Product is communal:
Inconvenience Factor 
Can Aid in Socialization
Aid in Security
      Public or Private Potential Score:      
Step 3
Available Hours of Usage (Based on awake hours: 16) * 30 days Based on 30-day avg.
      Hours used by an individual on an average day Hour/s x 30 days    
(will automatically be multiplied by month factor of 30-days)
Idle hours
Idle Percentage
Percentage of Usage
Average Daily usage based on 24-hours
Idle percentage based on 24-hour day
      Idle Percentage between 65 % to 100% is determined to be inefficient usage.        
Efficiency Determination
    When the System CORE is functional actual data will be pulled from labor  and production applications:                  
Step 4 Initial Production - Total Human Energy Expense in hours, for Production and Delivery (Including Extraction of raw materials and refinement, and fabrication) of one unit. HRS
Step 4b On-going Energy Expense (LABOR HOURS) - What is the additional human energy required for monthly operation of the product: HRS
Pipe lines, electricity, etc.
Step 4c Initial Energy Investment + Ongoing Energy Investment 
Step 4d Willit Compensation: set for Average Citizen on 8/31/2012:  LINK-IN | Willit App
DOB: 11/23/1970   Age: 41.8
Work Level = 7 Medium Hardship
Knowledge/Skill Level: 10 = Advanced Studies
Position Hierarchy set to 4 = Manager
Hourly Compensation Rate as of 8/31/2012 = 31.59 Willits Enter Compensation Rate
    Step 4e Willit Expense of initial production - Energy Investment Cost does not include market rate compensation for iWaut                       
Step 4f Total: Willit Cost- Ongoing Energy Investment
Initial energy plus ongoing energy expense for the operation of product
Step 5
Step 5a Monthly Energy Deficiency Rate percentage
On-going energy  - Hours Used / On-going Energy Expense
Definition Energy deficient is:
      The Inefficient use of energy to create and maintain a product, divided by the amount of time the product is in use or operation.                        
Determination of Efficiency:
FINAL 30-day Efficiencey rate determination
Is the 30-day on-going energy expense reasonable, based on the 30-days product is in use?
If energy deficiency exceeds 16 percent - the Deficiency Rate is deemed unacceptable.
Available hours
Hours Used