Local Debt Reconciliation  
  Used to determine Currency Conversion into Willits Enter Annual
STEP 1: Your Wage Annual Wage:
STEP 2: Enter your Bond's Value (Purchase $100 worth of Bonds):
Purchase Price (not the face value) is reconciled for payment.
  STEP 3:   Average Hours Worked Weekly  
    Debt Holder's Average Hourly Rate (based on 40 hr work week):  
  Hours (to be compensated (x) % Difference) :  
  Rate of Debt Compensation (RDC) or
Minutes Per Hour
STEP 4-8: Complete Fields to determine your Willit Compensation Rate:
Today's Date
4 Date of Birth
5 Life Span Expectancy/ Productive Age / or Retirement Age
See: Compensation Rate Level (Select Next Tab Below)
6 Work Hardship Level (also consider desirability of the position)
Work Level
7 Knowledge/Skill Level of Member
Knowledge Level
8 Hierarchy
Divided by Remaining Years
FINAL Willit Compensation for Your Bonds, Stocks, Loans and Investments
Example 1.
Pay Rate Bond Price Bond Qty
Will It:
Reimbursement Rate Per Bond
Willit Rate
Total Recoup
USD $ USA Bond
Converted Willit Rate
Person X 120,000.00 100 32.73
Person Y 35,000.00 100 112.22
  If each individual invested all their income, based on each working 40 hours per week, they would essential accumulate the same in Willit Compensation.
  However, if you take into consideration a minimum standard of living (example: approximate 31,000) for each household.  The household with more income will have more investment dollars available (See Example 2).
Example 2. - Real Life Example
Pay Rate minus expenses Bond Price Bond Qty Willit Rate Total Recoup
Person X 120,000.00 100 32.73
Person Y 35,000.00 100 112.22
Person A
Willit Rate - Not Converted for Bond Transfer -Energy Investment Equality Rate
Willit Rate
Total Annual Hrs Standard Needs Estimate  Annual Willit Hrs Annual Willits
1 76.28 20
40 X 52 weeks per week Annual SNE Hrs.
Use for Willit Compensation Hours Remaining Hrs:
  If you take the standard work week hours of 40 per week,  devote Labor Hours toward  Standard Needs (Earned Equity Appx 20-10 hrs per week) and invest the remainder of your 40 hour work week towards Willits: Person A could earn $79,3331.20 Willits per year to spend in the iWaut market - and still have all their Standard Needs Met: Housing, Food, Communication Equipment, etc. Which means person A will be very competitive in the iWaut Markets -