1 As each student realizes their potential, the potential our world can achieve  increases.
  2 You receive a percentage of your energy investment from 100 to 0 percent, based on your weekly test scores.
This ensures you are competent in the subjects for which you will be compensated. 
  3 Willits earned by students can be traded for the goods and services they desire, upon parental approval, until they have achieved Rights of Passage.

Rights of Passage is confirmation by your community that you are a knowledgeable, caring citizen that they feel will be an asset.
Upon approval you are allotted the rights of all Standard Needs of a household unit, which allows you to reside away from your parents, within the community of your choosing, upon the community's acceptance of your application for your equity share or, until you reach the age of 21 whereby automatic equity share is allotted if you are no longer pursuing educational goals.   
4 You will be able to set your own pace for achievement of educational levels. The faster you learn the more Willits you earn. 
5 You may take any course work until you feel you have reached complete competency regardless of the time it takes you.
  6 There are no final GPAs, just competency scores.
Likewise, there are no learning curve scores, either you are competent in a subject or you are not.
One should always seek complete understanding of their studies to ensure one can create with 99.9 percent perfection. Your test scores are proof of your achievement and competencies.
  7 Learning at a rate and to a level you feel comfortable with means there is less pressure; however, advanced education directly effects  your earning potential when you enter the work force.
Increased educational opportunities for all people will result in highly competitive individuals seeking strategic positions in the Standard Needs and the iWaut Production and Service xChanges.
You will need to master as many skills as possible. 
  8 Education is a Standard Need for all people.
Education and knowledge from elementary school to advanced degrees will be provided to you by the People, at no cost. 
  9 Volunteering to help your community is vital to ensure you gain hands on experience and learn the intricacies of society.
After you complete your Student Willit Calculation, determine your Working Youth Rate for Compensation, this will allow you to view the difference in education and work levels for your current age and education level. 
Student's Weekly Education Time Sheet
You will login every day in your class rooms to start the education timer for your coursework, and exit the system prior to leaving each class. Home school students will log into the same education tracking system.  Teachers can upload unedited video of the day's lesson for absent students, for clarification of subject discussions, and parental viewing; with permissions set to only allow parents of students in a particular class to view the day's events.
      All Study Time will be tracked from the online tutorial assistance system. If you study outside of the system, you can add those hours with your mobile phone, or log your study hours when you login with your computer.  The more you study and attend classes the more you Earn.     
  Student's Login:
school clock button.PNG
Week starting:  
  Teachers Login: Week ending:  
  STEP 1:     
  1) Sample Data Provided, Please Enter Your regular School an Study Schedule  
      Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday    
  School Hours  
  Time In
  Time Out
  Study Time                                
  Time In
 Total  Total School
and Study
  Time Out
  STEP 2:            
Select Update, then go to the STUDENT COMPENSATION CALCULATOR: Next Tab 
        Willits (Student Rate)  
        Your True Value has never been more clear       Natural * REAL  Currency  
        Complete the form below to determine the true value of your labor.   
        Select "UPDATE" to view your true compensation rate    
Today's Date
Days in Year Minutes in days
    1   Date of Birth 365  
After age 26, compensation is no longer paid to students. However, you may obtain schooling for free at any age. Rights of Passage can only be obtained once you enter the work force as a full time equity member. Should you have children prior to completion of your education goal, both parents must enter the workforce as an equity member and can pursue their education goals at their leisure, yet absent the student based compensation. It is in your best interest to refrain from child rearing until you have achieved your academic goals. Yet you, nor your child/ren are penalized with substandard living should you chose otherwise.
Life Span Expectancy/ Productive Age / or Retirement Age
        Potential  Will Power/Energy  (Willits)  in minutes    
Days -  used to date
Minutes - used to date
Estimated Remaining years (productivity)
Estimated Remaining minutes
Estimate of  Willit Energy
        School and Study Hours From Student Time Sheet  
        Total Production Minutes   Paid Student  Age Range   Bachelors Masters PhD. CMS  
Age: 6-9 Age: 10-12 Age:13-15 Age16-18 Age19-21 Age 21-23 Age 24-26
    4   Education Level   Elementary Pre Junior High Junior High Advanced Studies College College 2 College 3 Production  
  Level 1-3 Level 4-6 Level 7-9 Level 10-12 Level 13-15 Level 16-20 Level 21-25 Level 30-35  
Knowledge/Skill Level of Member Skill Level 1 - 5
Education and Skill Levels:
          Levels 1 Levels 2 Levels: 3 Levels 4 Levels 5    
Hierarchy Level 8
Divided by Remaining Years
Your Weekly Willit Value for your Efforts
    7   Weekly Test Scores
(select the percentage you usually achieve for your test scores, then adjust the rate)
Weekly Averaged Test Scores for all Subject Matters: (0% to 100%)
          This is the Amount you will be compensated for each week  
Willits Loss Amount: (Lowered due to test scores)
        Annual Compensation (48 weeks and 4-week paid break) - Select Update        
Annual Wage: If less than 75 hours per week, with 100% on all test scores
Unless otherwise noted, at the end of the school quarters, bonuses are allotted for excellence.
      Quarterly Excellence Bonus Calculation      
Good Will
Promotes Good Health and Social Interactions
      5 Points Possible   Healthy Weight
& Physical Fitness
Social Phit Disease & Drug Free No Course Withdrawals Volunteer Total  
1 1 1 1 1 Possible Points
Divided by your efficient score: 
15 Points Possible
Possible Points Efficiency:
2 **Perfect Attendance
20 Points Possible
2 * Class Participation
Total Applicable Points 4 Student Evaluation by Teachers
2 Teacher Evaluations by Student
Quarterly Wage
5 **Quarterly Exam
20% of Quarterly Compensation
      Quarterly Bonus:   * Determined by Faculty  
      Total Annual Compensation:   ** Determined by Integrated System Components