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Systemic Reform Solutions

A Worldwide Social Economic Initiative

Together we can right the world

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System Core

Social & Economic



Strategic Plan

Systemic Reform Movement

  1. A holistic social, economic, and political solution.
  2. Logical standards and processes for the fair creation and equitable distribution of money.
  3. Constructive outcome based technological and automation systems and processes to deter corruption and human rights abuses -- the root causes of poverty and war.

Support planning and development

The Party

Social Economic Reform

  1. Peaceful reformation of unjust laws, policies, and exploitive economic and social legislation.
  2. Drafting and enactment of legislation and policy that result in constructive effects.
  3. Local and global initiatives that support human rights and needs procurement.

Become an Alliance Member. Help to enact the Legislation to right our world and to guide us into the future.

Our Foundation

Constuctive Actions and Effects

  1. Unify believers in truth, justice, human rights, and God (regardless of nationality, race, gender or religious designation)
  2. The advancement and ascendance of mankind.
  3. Constructive belief-action alignment foundation.

Learn about the sacred teachings that can help unite our world (Atheists, Christians, Jewish, Muslims, and other faiths).



Monday - Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm CST


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We have a world to right
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Interactive System Models

Willit Monetary System

Currency Conversion

International Debt Reconciliation

Local Debt Reconciliation

Resource Usage Efficiency Standards Calculator

National & Global Exchanges

Willit Monetary System
  1. Willit Creation Process
  2. Global Compensation Standards
  3. Payment of Willit Compensation
  4. Student and Youth Compensation
  5. Reparations
  6. Earned Equity & Standard Needs
  7. Equitable International Monetary Policy
  8. Currency Conversion
  9. Global Compensation Standards
  10. Maximum Compensation (Cap)
  11. Pensions, Retirement, and Social Benefits
  12. Debt Cancellation, Settlement, and Reconciliation
  13. Willit Value
Monetary System Audit
  1. Federal Reserve
  2. Central Banks
  3. International Monetary Fund
Earned Equity & Standard Needs
  1. Determining Earned Equity requirements
  2. Benefits of an Earned Equity System
  3. Workers Obligation
  4. Equity in Lieu of Taxation
60/30/10 Resource Partition Plan
  1. Material Resource Distribution
  2. Priority Level Determination
  3. International Resource Exchange Systems
  4. Resource Usage Efficiency
  5. Local Resource Assurance
Social Corporate Integration
  1. Production Enactment
  2. Private Corporations (i-WAUT)
  3. Public Corporations
  4. Global Workforce Administration
  5. Unions
  6. Workplace Oversight
  7. Employment Process
  8. Efficiency
  9. Ecological Protections
  10. Research and Development
  11. Patents and Protections
  12. Inventors
  13. Product Liability
Law and Rights Enforcement
  1. International Grievance Registry
  2. Rights Enforcement Officers
  3. Investigations
  4. Law Enforcement
  5. Use of Force
  6. Drugs and Black Markets
  7. Prisons
  8. Exile
  9. Grand Jury & the Supreme Court
  10. Right of Self Protection
  11. Military
Our New World
  1. Willit Economic System
  2. Property Ownership
  3. Housing
  4. Debt Free
  5. Taxation
  6. Community Kitchen
  7. Social Communication and Media
  8. Non-Profit Organizations
  9. Copyright and Public Domain
  10. Inheritance
  11. War
  12. Oil
Foundation Enactments
  1. Enactment 1 – Approval of Legislation
  2. Enactment 2 – Assurance of Justice
  3. Enactment 3 – Right of Life
  4. Enactment 4 – Right of Self Defense
  5. Enactment 5 – Right of Privacy
  6. Enactment 6 – Open Communication and Transparency
  7. Enactment 7 – Freedom from unlawful incarceration
  8. Enactment 8 – Advancement of Mankind
Project & Leadership
  1. Phases
  2. Budget
  3. Implementation Process
  4. Founders
  5. Board of Directors
  6. Supporters
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