System Core - Overview


The System Core is an innovative solution that ensures global stability of monetary systems; the equitable settlement of all debt; global price stability; secures employment for all able-bodied persons; and is a method to prevent social and economic collapse.

The System Core is a tool to stabilize democratic societies. Currently, there are no comparable all inclusive solutions, nor are there viable monetary creation models, nor debt settlement alternatives that are equitable and have proven to function correctly to mitigate financial, economic, and social collapse.

Currently, people must make use of the systems in place which are rife with corruption and abuses. There are no alternatives because alternate methods for governance, monetary creation, and resource acquisition are considered treasonous by the conglomerate of governments, banks, industry, media, and learning institutions which all serve as one impenetrable monopoly that exacts control over people to the point of exploitation and abuse, and are the root cause of poverty, social decay, and economic injustice.


Network Collaboration

Collaboration with all countries, industries, and organizations is vital to the success of the System Core. Thus, all organizations and persons are welcome for the planning and development process, and their input will help to ensure the needs of all people, corporations, and organizations are considered, and will enhance our global initiative.


Long-Term Vision

Our vision is to ensure every man and woman has an equitable social and economic system that allows them to achieve success without abuses and exploitation of other beings.

Advancian's Systemic Reform Movement will help shape the System Core’s ideology and methodologies to ensure all stakeholders receive equitable access to resources and services. Upon completion of the System Core, Advancian will be an Independent Advisor; without official legislative rights; nor will we have control over the System Core.  The System Core will have a globally elected administrative oversight board of directors who will be completely answerable to the people of all nations, and their joint powers restrained by the policies suggested and detailed herein – which will require enactment by the people of every nation of the Global Alliance.

The System Core will be the property of the people of all nations. AdvanCN, does not seek to rule, nor to govern the people of any nation, but to ensure they are endowed with the rights and tools to govern themselves.

Many obstacles will need to be overcome to achieve our vision of an equitable world. The first challenge is invalidating the ideology that people have the right to inflict physical and mental harm on other men; so that we may end physical conflict to encourage trust among all nations. Overcoming this initial challenge is essential to ending abuses, which all nations must agree to, to begin the process of collaboration to build the System Core.

There are several successful open collaboration projects that are global in scale. The System Core is a major global undertaking with collaborative elements, and will be a closed system with checks and balances to ensure proper functionality for global data input with advanced system processing and intelligent algorithms for every process and industry.  We envision an system where individual programmers will be able to submit application coding enhancements.

The initial framework for the System Core is outlined in this proposal, and may be modified as various participants provide insight into the requirements needed for successful operation.


System Core Cost

Cost estimates for the planning and development of the System Core are estimated at
$608,946,095 for Phase I - Planning, through Phase V - Testing. With an estimated 144,000 foundation members contributing $604 per year (on average), for seven years, the cost is roughly $50.34 per month, or $1.65 per day per foundation member. The project will require a commitment by a joint commission of foundations, private donors, governments, corporations, education institutions, and the people of every nation.  

The System Core is financially sustainable based on implementation of the monetary models used for the operation of the System Core, which is explained in detail within the proposal.


Evaluation of Success

We have outlined a complete list of benchmarks that will indicate the success of the System Core. The benchmarks can be viewed in the section titled, Highlights Benchmarks and Benefits of Success, page 33.




Risk and Challenges

Informing the world about, and developing the System Core, will be a challenge because many governments and nations are nationalist in nature, protective of their national interest (which they should be) and may perceive the System Core as a challenge to their independent authority and sovereignty.

Others may view the System Core as a New World Order with schemes of global social and economic conquest. This is not our intent, which will be evident as one reads the proposal. If the safeguards written into the proposal are not adhered to, abuses could occur, as they have with our Constitutions and Bills and laws for human rights.

Distrust can only be overcome with complete transparency of all programming code and data, and secure access to the technology and hardware required for the System Core.

Establishing trust will be a long process that will be built over the duration of system planning, development, and the integration process; and must be maintained during implementation.  Therefore, the System Core must be a global initiative without exclusion.

The System Core must be accepted as independent, unbiased, and non-exclusive.
Just as nature provides food for all people and beings to ensure their existence; the System Core must be legally classified by all nations as a force similar to nature, which is to be unbiased in time of war or national conflicts.

All nations will have access to system technology, and will be educated and trained about every aspect of programming and technology for their own peace of mind and security.

We estimate within 20 years of global system integration, mankind will learn to work together peacefully and mend our world.

Many challenges will occur. With any relationship that requires healing, open communication, complete transparency, patience, and forgiveness will be required.



We can begin planning, development, and initial system testing. Full implementation will commence when the people of each major nation agree on its capability to ensure justice and equality.  Individual nations will be able to adopt the System Core when the people are ready and meet infrastructure requirements.

If we do nothing; if we do not begin to explore what is required to perfect our social and economic systems; if we continue down the same path, if we continue to lack checks and balances, fairness, and stability, we move the world closer to its destruction.

There is a point at which, due to preexisting conditions, old systems cannot be fixed, regardless of the measures taken. Thus, proactive actions are required. If we do not create a system that functions properly, we will destroy each other and our world.

The construction of the System Core may seem daunting, yet, without the attempt our destruction is inevitable. This is said not to cause fear, nor panic, nor to prompt your gift, but because it is a fact. There are natural laws all, no matter how great, must bow to.



The System Core will impact the lives of every nation, of every man and woman throughout the world, and all corporations, and governments.

The System Core will aid in analysis to compile accurate data to mitigate poverty; will help to end hunger that does not derive from nature (i.e. extreme drought verses sanctioned induced hunger), and will aid us in the best use of our resources.

The Human Development Report (Date: 7.8.2014) estimates:

  • Total percentage of world population that lives on less than $2.50 a day is 50%
    Total number of people that live on less than $2.50 a day is three billion
  • Total percentage of people that live on less than $10 a day is 80%
  • Total percent of world populations that live where income differentials are widening is 80%
  • Total percentage of world Income the richest 20% account for is 75%
  • Total number of children that die each day due to poverty is 22,000
  • Total number of people in developing countries with Inadequate access to water is 1.1 billion
  • Number of children in the world is 2.2 billion, of which one billion live in poverty
  • Total number of children that live without adequate shelter is 640 million (one in three)
  • Total number of children without access to safe water is 400 million (one in five)
  • Total number of children with no access to health services is 270 million (one in seven)
  • Total number of children who die annually from lack of access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation is 1.4 million

In addition, thousands of people die each year due to resource, political, or social conflicts; most are the result of rights violations.

The System Core will help each community determine the cause of deficiencies and conflicts so we can solve them.


Project duration
We estimate the System Core can be planned and developed within four years, and implemented globally thereafter within three to five years.

With your support the planning process can begin in 2019, and international implementation achieved by 2028.


Project Risk

Awareness is required to ensure the people of every nation are informed about the System Core, and to ensure it is fully funded. Funds are required to build the System Core, however prior to planning and development it is essential to obtain consensus. Thus, the distribution of publications, the production of information videos, and the building of a collaboration portal so all people can input their ideas about the functionality of the system and the various components they will require, in addition to the systems outlined in this proposal, will be necessary. Thus, disinformation and a lack of communication, participation, and consensus pose the greatest risks.

The online communication and project management portal for the System Core is located at

We thank you for your time, and look forward to working with you to right our world.