Wrina Iamwe

Ms. Wrina Iamwe is the author of the strategic plan for the Systemic Reform Movement "Advancian", conceived the ideology and philosophy for Plan 360, and is the designer of:

  • Willit Monetary System and Processes
    • Standards and calculations for the Willit Monetary System
    • Hierarchy Scheme
    • Natural Maximum Compensation Process and Principles
    • APEC Reparations System Processes and Principles
    • Credit System Calculations and Processes
    • Residual Income Structure Process and Principles
    • Debt Reconciliation Plans
    • Currency Conversion Process and Principles
    • Tax Grant Plan
    • Exchange System Process
    • Student Compensation Process
  • 60/30/10 Resource Partition Plan
  • Resource Usage Efficiency Process
  • Holistic Systems Integration Processes


Ms. Iamwe is also the Author of the Amen Code, for which the philosophy of the System Core is based upon.



Our goal is not to shut down systems, nor needed processes, nor administrations.

Governance and cooperation are required to ensure we have the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, heat, electricity, transportation and communication systems, as well as laws of agreement, security, and peace of mind.

Our goal is to perfect that which our forefathers, with limited knowledge and technology, could not achieve; that which men who hold and have held power did not accomplish – the perfection of our social and economic systems; a perfection that ensures access to what is required, and systems that function properly so each man, woman, and child can achieve their full potential.  

There must be peace and security if we are to advance. Therefore, we must develop the systems required to yield it. Which, in turn, will enable us to forgive and Love each other. 

I am not an idealist, nor a utopian. I understand hatred, corruption, and the ignorance that leads to man’s greed.

I understand how easy it is to speak of justice and righteousness, and how difficult it is to act on those sincere beliefs, especially, when so much pain has been inflicted.

To right our world we must jointly will it.
The things mankind creates are willed from the core of our being. Our core is the force of creation, and, our link to our creator.

If you desire to make the world a better place; if you desire to end hunger, poverty, job loss, exploitation and abuses that have led to economic and social decay; if you sincerely believe this world can be saved; if you wish to mend wounds and heal hearts; if you desire to end corruption; if you desire to effect law and have a vote that truly matters; if you will take up the pledge of peace, I request not that you follow us, but the union of our wills.

To build the systems we propose herein, will require the building of trust and a pledge of nonviolence in an atmosphere of anger, in an age of lying and corrupt men.

Men who are motivated for resources and profit; men, who thirst for war and dominance of a global empire they are not capable of ruling.

Creating a global system and convincing the world to join hands for a peaceful resolution will not be an easy task. I believe in God but suffer no delusions.

What I propose can only be achieved by great men:

Men who do not flee with fear.
Men who take on the unknown.
Men who believe in themselves and their visions.
Men who believe anything is possible.
Men who do not yield.

The called, chosen, and faithful.


Wrina Iamwe, PhD., ITIL, LSSGB, CSM


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